Sandwich Harbour 4x4 Tour  (Half Day) . . .

Sandwich Harbour . . . if you did not go there, you might just regret it for the rest of your life.  Where else in the world can you experience the Atlantic Ocean on the one side of your vehicle and some of highest dunes in the world on the other side as well as the fact that those dunes are in one of the oldest deserts in the world, the Namib Desert with its breathtaking scenery that change constantly as we move along.

Although called sandwich harbour, it has never been a harbour but rather a large shallow lagoon. The name sandwich harbour stem from the time it was used by whaling and small scale fishing boats when they still had access to the lagoon/harbour, but the lagoon silted up and is now best known for its birdlife.

Our morning tour start at 08h00 AM and our afternoon tour at 12h30 PM from our pier in the Walvis Bay Yacht Club area.  As access to Sandwich Harbour is dependant on the tides, we might change departure times to correlate with the right tide.

After departure we head south and our first stop is at the lagoon where flocks of Flamingo create a colourful scene as they feed in the shallow waters of the lagoon.  Recent bird surveys counter record numbers of Flamingo, plover and Tern in the area between Walvis Bay and Sandwich Harbour.

Next stop is on top of a dune  from where our guests have a unobstructed view of the salt works, the various collection areas, salt heaps nearly as high as the dune.  These salt are exported world wide and also to Europe where it is also used among others to melt snow.

From there we enter the Kuiseb Delta, with its unique and interesting eco system and where guests can expect to see Springbok and Jackal and we cross over the salt plains on our way to the Namib Naukluft Park border.  Once inside, we drive on the beach to Sandwich harbour.

At Sandwich harbour guests have the opportunity to stretch their legs and take a stroll alongside the lagoon.  Bring your camera because this is a photographers dream, birdlife, beautiful scenery.

By now, all the fresh air might have you looking for something to eat and we will then stop either on the beach or in the dunes for light snacks and refreshing drinks.

On our way back we visit a spectacular viewpoint high up on the dunes providing you with a birds eye view of the sandwich harbour Lagoon from there our route takes us through the dunes for an approximately 6km back to the border.  We stop frequently pointing out places where animals dig for water, look for food and other interesting phenomena.  We would also make sure that you slide down the famous roaring dunes.

The whole tour is conducted with 4x4 Vehicles and fully qualified drivers who has lots of experience in Dune driving..


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