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We started our popular Dolphin Cruises about 18 years ago when we realised what immense potential this 100 kmē natural bay has to offer for nature lovers and marine enthusiast alike. The Lagoon is well protected by a sandbank, which create a natural barrier against big waves from entering the bay.  This in turn,  insure calm waters and create the opportunity for tours almost every day.

Our Dolphin Tour start at 09h00 when the boats depart from our private jetty in the Walvis Bay Yacht Club area.  Shortly after departure we serve  a "Namibian coffee" (sherry)  to warm up the blood a little and calm the "butterflies in stomach" feeling.

If you get the feeling that we are being followed just after departure, you might be right, as we might be accompanied by various marine life and birds, but don't worry, they are old friends and they tag along for your amusement, obviously expecting that they would be compensated with a fish snack or two.

Our skippers are constantly in radio contact with other boats in the bay area to ensure that we don't miss out on any action.  Our routes change daily as the marine life moves around the bay.  The Walvis Bay Harbour, being a working harbour,  offers an interesting insight as lots of old boats, container vessels, sometimes even large oil rigs and from time to time passengers ships could be seen in the harbour. 
If we find that seals and dolphins are scarce , we extend our tours to the fishing factories and oyster farms for our guest's entertainment.

Photographic opportunities are in abundance as we cruise around the bay,  lookup for pelicans and seagulls flying alongside the boats or bottlenose dolphins, they like to frolic around the boat and afford excellent photographic shots as they jump out of the water.  Around Pelican point we are almost certain of encountering a smaller dolphin specie commonly known as the benguela dolphin.  The sandbank at Pelican Point is home to a large colony of Cape Fur Seals and over the years we have made friends with some of them and they would sometimes come to visit us onboard for a snack.

Also of importance is that Laramon Tours includes the bird island as part of there Dolphin Cruise,   which is appoximately 6 km away from Walvis Bay. This route take us through a natural bottlenose doplhins feeding area, which give us  a 30% better change of sighting these amazing creatures.

July to October is the migrating time of the Humpback Right Whales and we notched around 100 sightings of these magnificent whales.  Then during the months December to April, the water temperature rises to around 13° to 20° we have a good change to see the shy Mola Mola and the impressive Leatherback Turtles in the bay.

To round off our tour  we serve light snack, fresh Namibian oysters, sparkling wine and soft drinks on the boat.


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